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The Enrollment Process


A tour of Milestones is optional, but highly encouraged. This allows parents and families to see the center "in action", and allow for parents to have a better idea of day to day functions. If a tour is not initially given, one will be given following the Initial Intake Interview. 

Initial Intake Interview

Enrollment officially begins with the Initial Intake Interview. During this time, you and your family will meet with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for an interview focusing on your child. While meeting with the BCBA, your child will be with a second staff, typically a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA), getting to know them and beginning to assess their skills using various assessments to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the intake, information will be collected both orally and through paperwork. This paperwork can be found in the link to the right. This paperwork must be completed in its entirety before an authorization can be submitted. 

Follow Up Assessments

Following the Initial Intake Interview, one to two follow up assessments will be scheduled with the BCaBA. These follow up assessments will last for two hours, and only requires the child to be present. During this time the BCaBA will continue to get to know your child, and assess their skills. Once the follow up assessments are complete, the BCaBA and BCBA will collaborate to write a treatment plan and submit a Prior Authorization.

Prior Authorization/Start Up

Depending on the funder, Prior Authorizations can take up to four months to complete, but average around 1-2 months. Once the Prior Authorization is approved, your Milestones team will be in contact with you to set up a start date and schedule. Your child's initial schedule may include a "ramp up" period, where hours are added on to session days systematically. This will be determined with your team, based on what would be best for your child.


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