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Welcome to Brown County's first BCBA owned center based treatment center designed specifically for intensive behavior. We look forward to meeting you soon! Please call our number to set up a tour or an initial intake appointment. Referrals are helpful, but not required. Remember to follow us on Facebook for more frequent updates!


About Us

Who We Are 

Milestones Intensive Behavior Unit, commonly known as MIBU, serves children ages 2 to 18 with autism and other developmental disabilities, such as ODD, Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome, ADHD, etc. As a BCBA owned company, we pride ourselves on our supervision and over sight to promote continual growth for both our clients and our team. MIBU is located at 2077 Lawrence Drive in De Pere, WI, right next door to our Early Intervention building. 

What We Do

We provided Applied Behavior Analysis services, commonly known as ABA therapy, to our clients. We work with you and your child to help increase independence and functional skills needed to replace any barrier behavior. 

How We Do it

Each child is evaluated by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) prior to starting, and an individualized treatment plan is created for them. Each session is supervised directly by a BCBA and assigned a technician. The technician will either work directly with your child while begin observed by a BCBA, or will collect data while the BCBA works directly with your child. 

The majority of technicians that work at MIBU are either enrolled in a graduate program, and/or have worked 2,000 hours at the Early Intervention Clinic. This helps ensure they are able to understand and implement higher level therapy skills.

Once progress begins to occur, we provide parents with a training in the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis so that they can continue the therapy we provide across multiple environments. Parents will meet with their BCBA a minimum of twice monthly after the parent training, once at the center and once in home or the community. This helps ensure that generalization is occurring across settings, and provides family with the extra support they may need.

For more information, feel free to contact us here!

Our Visions and Philosophies

The values our company holds high are honesty, integrity, community, acceptance and innovation

The vision we hold is to become a staple in the autism community in Northeast Wisconsin. We envision doing so by providing professional and beneficial short and long term services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. 

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on families and the community through the practices and dissemination of applied behavior analysis.


2077 Lawrence Drive
De Pere, WI 54115


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