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Milestones was created with passion and perseverance to encourage growth and development, and to offer a new level of support to the community we serve. 

DISCLAIMER: Informed consent was obtained prior to the publication of any and all pictures. The photo information should not be captured and reused without express written permission from Milestones Behavioral Pediatrics.

Support Services

One of the unique features of center based services is the ample opportunity to work on social skills development. This includes sharing, tolerance of group settings, pretend play, and more.

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1:1 intensive ABA therapy typically targeted for children under the age of 9 years old. This type of therapy focuses on closing the developmental gap.


1:1 focused ABA therapy used typically for children over the age of nine. This type of therapy focuses specifically on one to three areas of development.


2:1 intensive ABA therapy for severe challenging behaviors.

Articles and Resources

National and Local Resources for parents and children

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