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Welcome to Brown County's first BCBA owned center based treatment center. We look forward to meeting you soon! Please call our number to set up a tour or an initial intake appointment. Already a valued member of our Milestones community? Welcome back! Please explore our page to meet the team members, see exciting new updates, and find local and national resources. Remember to follow us on Facebook for daily updates!


Who We Are

Milestones Behavioral Pediatrics serves children ages 2 to 18 with autism and other developmental disabilities, such as ODD, Fragile X Syndrome, Down Syndrome, ADHD, etc. As a BCBA owned company, we pride ourselves on our supervision and over sight to promote continual growth for both our clients and our team. We currently occupy a 10,000 square foot building that includes a sensory gym, play room, mock classroom, mock apartment, teen lounge, reading room, a kitchen for the children and a general learning area. We also offer a lovely green space out back so everyone can get some fresh air. Click here to see some pictures of our space!

We provided Applied Behavior Analysis services, commonly known as ABA therapy, to our clients. We work with you and your child to help close the developmental gap or to help increase independence and functional skills needed for living independently or with less assistance. Applied Behavior Analysis is the only treatment for autism approved by the Surgeon General. It is recommended that children receive it early (under 6) and often (30-40 hours per week) for optimal outcomes. However, we understand that this is not always possible, so we work with you to create the best schedule for you and your family based on your current situation.

How We Do It

Each child is evaluated prior to starting, and an individualized treatment plan is created for them. Once they begin, they will work towards achieving the goals and milestones outlined in their treatment plan. This is done in a 1:1 fashion, with each child being staffed with one technician while they are present. Our technicians are all 18 years or older with the minimum of a high school diploma and a clean care giver background check. Additionally, our technicians all receive 45-50 hours of in house, hands on training prior to ever working with a child independently. This not only exceeds the State standards for training, but it allows our technicians to be comfortable and confident while working with your child. Additionally, our in house training has been created to meet the requirements for of our technicians to become Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) through the certification board within their first six months of employment. This helps ensure they are able to understand and implement higher level therapy skills.


Each child also receives supervision from one of our BCBAs or CMI's while they are here. Click here to meet them! This supervision is given at a minimum of 1 hour for every 10 hours your child is present, but we aim for 1 hour for every 5 they are here. 

Finally, we provide parents with a training in the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis so that they can continue the therapy we provide across multiple environments. Parents meet with their BCBA a minimum of twice monthly after the parent training, once at the center and once in home or the community. This helps ensure that generalization is occurring across settings, and provides family with the extra support they may need.

For more information, feel free to contact us here!

What We Do

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Our Visions and Philosophies

The values our company holds high are honesty, integrity, community, acceptance and innovation

The vision we hold is to become a staple in the autism community in Northeast Wisconsin. We envision doing so by providing professional and beneficial short and long term services to children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. 

Our Mission

To make a positive impact on families and the community through the practices and dissemination of applied behavior analysis.

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