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Below is a brief description about the two different types of ABA therapy offered at Milestones. Your Milestones team will work with you to determine the best type of services for you and your family.

Comprehensive ABA

Comprehensive ABA therapy is typically used for children under the age of 9. Comprehensive ABA uses a 1:1 trained technician who uses the principles of behavior analysis. The focus of comprehensive ABA is to work on building all areas of verbal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to visual perceptual skills, expressive and receptive language development, mimetic skills, and social skills.

Teacher and Student
Focused ABA

Focused ABA therapy is typically used for children over 9, or children who need help in one specific area, such as social skills or daily living skills. Like comprehensive ABA, Focused ABA also uses a trained 1:1 technician. Typically, Focused ABA therapy is conducted under 20 hours a week.

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Parent Training

Milestones offers new and ongoing parent and caregiver training. ABA therapy is about consistency. When parents are able to continue working on skills at home, research has shown that the child is able to generalize the skills faster and maintain them longer. Additionally, children who have parents who follow through and use behavior analytic skills at home make more gains than children who only receive therapy at the center. Please see the link above for parent training for more benefits!

Parents with Child
Social Skills Classes

Social Skills classes run one time per week for two hours. Classes run in teen-twelve week blocks. Classes are separated by ages (4-6, 7-12, 13-16). Each week focuses on a different topic (conversational skills, choosing appropriate friends, get togethers, etc). Each week children are individually scored on skills based on their baseline assessment and parents receive a homework assignment to complete with their child. 

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Daily Living Skills Classes

Milestones offers Daily Living Skills classes one time per week. Classes run in two hour blocks across ten week periods. Milestones offers a mock bed room, a kitchen, and both male and female bathrooms. Each child has an individual 10 week goal plan which works on the following things: hygiene, personal care, time management, cleaning, etc,. The advantage of a group format is that it gives your child a chance to be and learn from other peer models!

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Parents Night Out

Once per month, Milestones stays open until 9pm offering respite services. We encourage parents to take time for themselves to go out to dinner and a movie or run some errands. During this time we offer respite services, and will help your child complete a night time routine, and even change them into jammies so they are ready for bed. Parents can rest easy knowing their child is with familiar adults and being well taken care of.

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A Link to Autism Speaks for a brief description of Applied Behavior Analysis

Child In Speech Therapy

The CDC's guidance on autism, it's prevalance, and  how to manage

Guidelines publish by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board for ABA treatment for  individuals with developmental disabilities

A great resource for parents and caregivers who are new to or experienced with ABA

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